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  • Dr. Haleh Hamedifar: We must go along with the Minister in this crisis

  • Member of the Board of Representatives of Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Dr. Haleh Hamedifar, in an interview with FANA mentioned:

  • Although all of us may have different opinion and criticism, but when it comes to the Ministry of Health while the Minister has not been stepped aside himself in this situation, we must give hands and support him to get our country and the people out of this difficulty; and let the disputes be for another time.

  • CinnaGen pharmaceutical Group has always considered itself as a member of health community of our country, and this responsibility gets stronger at this period of time to accompany the Ministry of Health to produce the medicine for rare disease in high quality.

  • At this moment, regardless of all problems and criticisms, we believe we are responsible for our people who are in danger for their health, the most valuable asset they have.