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  • Unveiling launch celebration of the first therapeutic monoclonal antibody whose production stages are thoroughly carried out in Iran.

  • Zytux™, with the generic name of Rituximab as a high efficient therapeutic monoclonal antibody for treatment of some types of blood cancers and also rheumatoid arthritis, was proudly unveiled on Tuesday, February 15th by President of the Food and Drug organization (FDO) and the field assistants and professors. This therapeutic Biopharmaceutical product whose primitive batch was launched to market in early February is an achievement of multi-year efforts of Aryogen experts and researchers.

  • Zytux™ has successfully passed all the stages of laboratory quality control and clinical studies. Production of this biopharmaceutical in Iran has attracted much attention, due to Aryogen accomplishment in producing active pharmaceutical ingredient in Iran through industrial mammalian cell culture technology in bioreactors (fermentors). The production line has the capacity of the annual production of 25 - 40 kilograms monoclonal antibody. More info on: Zytux™ Watch the video of the celebration on YouTube: