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Business Development

Business Development

AryoGen’s Business Development objective is to extend the presence of AryoGen’s products to satisfy customer needs and wants around the world.

We have a goal to achieve the best rank in development, production and export of biopharmaceuticals in the region and availability of biopharmaceuticals products in line with improving quality of life of global community. Commitment to quality- based products has made AryoGen as one of the most successful exporters of biotech products in Iran.


Business Development team of AryoGen consists of professionally trained individuals with a cross-functional and diverse qualifications who will help you throughout the partnering process.

The partnering process starts with identifying the right partner and initial business case based on the location areas where our products could make a better life for patients. Then it will be continued from negotiation to signing and completion, due diligence and then penetrate to the purpose market. Our Business Development team is committed to our clients by providing adequate access to high quality and cost-effective price medicines. We are open to accept all business and scientific proposal from academia or strategic partners in order to build up our business and complete our strengths.

Business Models at AryoGen:

  • Out-licensing
  • In-licensing
  • Supply and Distribution (API and Finished Product)
  • Technology Transfer
  • R&D Partnering (Research Collaboration and  Co-Development)
  • Joint-Venture
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Acquisitions and Investment

For more information about Business Development Opportunities, please contact: