Established in 2010 by well experienced scientists, AryoGen Pharmed has focused on providing biopharmaceutical products meeting world standards. The production facility is configured to manufacture some of the latest biopharmaceutical compounds to hit the local and international markets. At AryoGen, the vast experience of the distinguished board of directors and the strategic focus of the key management team steer the company towards the goals. Our team is consisted from scientists in different fields with several years of successful experiences in production and quality affairs of biopharmaceuticals. Now AryoGen has more than 200+ qualified personnel and the list is expected to be expanded to 300 in near future.


Producing biosimilars for maintaining and improving human life quality

R & D

R & D supporting role is a key feature of AryoGen Pharmed. Quality by design (QbD) is initiated and cultivated in the research and development department of AryoGen Pharmed and will fruit in the production line. AryoGen Pharmed has developed proprietary method in its R&D department for providing high quality biosimilar products for curing human diseases. AryoGen has several new products in its pipeline, thanks to well experienced R&D staff and well equipped R&D department.


AryoGen and environment

AryoGen has a strong commitment to environment and because of that is trying to be a zero effluent company. At first step, an ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant) with capacity of 80000 lit/day has constructed in the production site in order to reduce BOD and COD to the safe level for irrigation of green area of production site. AryoGen design is done in such clever way, so that all trees and plants in the land saved. The Green area of AryoGen Pharmed is around 10,000 m2 and more than 100 types of plants and flowers are kept or cultivated and all staff of AryoGen enjoy it as refreshing space. The whole facility is empowered with a BMS system in order to have a good monitoring practice regarding all parameters which are controllable or monitorable.