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Launching biomedicine production in AryoGen has been done with collaboration of several biological, medical and bioprocess professionals with a vast spectrum of different specialties.

In our big team, we have benefit of using the following specialists and experts:

Molecular biologists, Genetic engineers, Microbiologists, Immunologists, Pharmacists, Physicians, Chemical engineers, Chemists, Toxicologists, Statisticians, Nurses and Biochemists.

Continuing this contribution helps patients get more efficacious and easier health care services.

It is expected that with increasing prescription of AryoGen’s biomedicines due to increased trust of specialists and patients to AryoGen products, most healthcare professionals recommend them as a choice medicine for several disorders.



Up to now, AryoGen has produced several life-saving products in order to help patients save or improve quality of life. If you are a patient suffering from following diseases, your physician will help you by prescribing proper biomedicine which now has become affordable to more people. AryoGen is producing biosimilar or biogeneric form of some vital medicines that are critical for treatment of following diseases:

Also AryoGen will be glad to hear from you, if you want to express your experiences of using AryoGen biomedicines:

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